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Being self taught i have recieved a lot of inspiration from the coments

United Kingdom

self taught artist with time on my hands

June 2018

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Hi . Been retired now for a while now. so I am concentrating on art of which I am painting drawing an taking photographs being born and grown up in the country love painting landscapes and the country life. I like to use acrylic pencil crayons and water paints. I get my idea's from walking out with my camera looking at other art works and getting more idea's from them and doing something similar. I get great satisfaction from seeing my work when it is finished. drawing and painting in by spare time . self taught in oil. acrylic .water colour. on paper canvas or any thing I can get my hands on. Love to paint the landscape being born and bred in the country .lots of time on my hands now I have build up a large collection now . in time they will be for sale when up loaded. hope you all enjoy the one' s that are up loaded. feedback for my art will be appreciated. all art will comes with signed certificate of authenticity with by photo face and the art giving my name and the buyer and date at the time of sale .


if you see it paint it with love and feeling


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