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June 2016

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Ken Skehan

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My interest in photography had been merely as an admirer of great pictures until 2005, when the opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp arose, and I was inspired to try to capture the awesome splendour of the Himalaya. My photography tutor happened to be resident of a local camera club, and invited me to show my work on my return. When I did, some members suggested that as I was raising money for charity, some of the pictures were saleable. My first exhibition took place over 2 nights and secured orders for 53 framed prints. I was hooked! I now work commercially as a photographer as well as having a portfolio of other income earning roles. Whether work or play, I always attempt to produce images of some artistic merit in my pictures - not always easy when you're doing something like photographing aircraft parts for a brochure! But fine art photography is my favourite – I simply love making pictures that I think other people will like too. I call these 'The YOURSPACE™ Collection'. After flying over the Great Barrier Reef specifically to photograph it from a small plane, it struck me that Mother Nature does an extraordinary job of creating scenes or subjects suitable as abstract images in their own right. The idea to build a collection of artworks based on what I see in nature during my travels was conceived , whilst of course continuing to take, publish and sell high quality traditional photographic prints. Sometimes though, I feel Mother Nature needs a helping hand to create an image people might want to hang on their walls. All the images in the Natural Abstracts sub-collection are taken from something I spotted in a natural environment that I felt would lend itself to abstraction to make a pleasing artwork. The degree to which I use the technology at my disposal to abstract them varies from none at all through to extensive use of available software to create what an image that others might like. I have held exclusive exhibitions at The Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester and the Taurus Crafts Centre in Lydney, as well as holding events in my home village of Ashton Keynes in the Cotswold Water Park. All my fine art prints are reproduced by Skylight Publishing of Calne on Archival Grade, 100% Acid Free, PH Neutral paper – usually Photo Rag - using genuine Epson Ultra Chrome HDR inks for light fastness claimed by Epson to be a minimum of 200 years. All prints are professionally dry mounted on a backing board with conservation quality double whitecore mounts by my superb supplier, Wallspace of Dursley & Cirencester, who also carry out all my framing requirements..


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