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United Kingdom

May 2017

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Katie Daw

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Katie has studied many different art forms during her time in education and beyond, from photography to sculpture and many disciplines in between. She also spent a number of years working at an art gallery which she feels was an invaluable experience and an education within itself. She enjoyed being introduced to new styles of work and fascinated to see how a person would be drawn to a particular piece of art, as well as how different two people’s interpretation of the same piece of art can be. This is very much apparent within abstract art, which is the style that Katie is naturally drawn to paint and it is this freedom of interpretation that she celebrates. Even within her more representational work there is a strong abstract quality to them. She developed a true passion for sculpture whilst at University and felt very comfortable with this discipline, enjoying the physical process of making large sculptures. This sculptural background strongly influences her abstract work and the manner in which she approaches a blank canvas, taking the freedom and movement she loved about sculpture and encapsulating that within her paintings.


I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery of original artwork. Within my collection there is a selection of styles, mediums and subject matters. Ranging from bold abstract paintings, hand embellished lino prints, modern butterfly paintings and contemporary landscape art. These collectable contemporary canvases vary in size, colour and price, making them the ideal gift idea or statement artwork for your home or office.


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