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November 2018

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Kate Ferguson

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Growing up in South West Cornwall, I learned to appreciate art from an early age, being exposed to the work of the Newlyn School and the numerous artists of St Ives and the surrounding area. Art was all around me and I never doubted that I could create art too. On leaving school I chose to study wildlife photography and illustration at Dyfed College of Art in Carmarthen. However, being young and free spirited, I dropped out of art college and thus, my formal art education ended. Despite following a completely different career path, my passion for art never waned. And, well, you can't lock creativity in a box, so here I am, still painting after all these years. I produce a mixture of commissioned and non-commissioned pieces. Commissions are typically, but not exclusively animal portraits, which grew organically from my early passion for painting wildlife. Like many artists, I am inspired by the natural world and I have a huge affinity for the sea, which was my permanent backdrop as a child. My style can range from highly detailed realism, as in my portraiture, to looser sea and landscapes, which give me a wonderful sense of freedom. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy viewing my work.


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