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October 2017

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Karon-anne Sharp

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As a New Zealander and having lived in Greece for 30 years, I have always been surrounded by the sea. Like most, I have spent many hours walking along the coast, collecting the odd pretty shell or driftwood. It was only a few years ago in Greece, when one piece of driftwood 'spoke' to me - resulting in the sailing boat. I did not know I was able to create, so gone are the relaxing days at the beach, now i just search for 'conversation'. Recently I relocated to the UK from Greece and I am passionately roaming the English beaches hoping to make new finds. Many of my larger pieces were completed in Greece. This was a slow process, bearing in mind that I had to FIND each piece in them. In the meantime here in the UK, I am still creating art pieces and jewellery with the sea glass I brought over from Greece. I have exhibited in the Riverside Gallery in Yalding and been involved in a few Chirstmas markets here in the UK. I also collaborate with Rare Culture in New York, who commissioned a piece for The Loews Santa Monica Hotel.


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