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December 2010

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Karl Hamilton-cox

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My art education started as a part of my resettlement to civilian life after 22 years in the Army back in 2003 where I studied portraiture and life/portrait sculpture. I have a very wide and diverse portfolio of work in both 2 and 3 dimensions. To broaden my portfolio in 2006 I started automotive and figurative artwork that has widened to wildlife, military and botanical subjects. I also specialise in painting on leather jackets and have regular fashion designer clients. In November 2013 I was elected as a Member of the Armed Forces Art Society and now active as the Publicity Member. As a professional engineer and artist I aim to get an accurate portrayal of subjects of my work, hence the illustrative style of much of my work. My wildlife and portraiture work is of a looser style but with the same degree of technical accuracy where capturing an accurate likeness and expressive mood are key. Although I use some artistic license to make a subject artistically and aesthetically pleasing I aim not to compromise the technical quality of any final product. All framing is done in-house to best match and complement the artwork, unglazed works are often finished in the frame. I use a variety of media from paper, canvas, panel and exclusively from 2013 all new subjects are exclusively painted on leather! We call it 'Art to stimulate your senses' as you can touch and smell the leather painting - it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. My first solo exhibition was in the USA for 9 months in 2013. My art is regularly exhibited in Hereford, London and Birmingham. Each piece of art seen here at ArtGallery.co.uk is undertaken as a challenge to stretch my techniques, develop new ones or to master a new subject matter or medium.


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