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Cambridge Open Artists 2019 - artwork voted in top twenty in show
Contemporary Art Room - on line gallery November 2019 - honourable mention

United Kingdom

Self Taught
Over 25 years of developing my craft and still learning!!

June 2020

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Karen Mangold

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Like many Karen took Art at school, but then along came work marriage and a young family!! She re-kindled her love of art when her children were small, and at that time worked mainly in watercolour, acrylic inks and dyes. She has always loved colour and 7 years ago attended some workshops with the amazing artist Hashim Akib, was instantly hooked. Since that time she has mainly painted with acrylic on canvas. Starting with a brightly coloured canvas, allowing some of the under colour to come through in her work and using a large brush she likes to create interesting marks.


"I Enjoy working big and with an element of speed finding my initial brush strokes are often the most interesting. I love all subject matters but particularly nature and British wildlife and a passion for painting hares. I feel my art journey is still continuing, and indeed will never end while I still continue to paint. I find it's the only time I truly lose myself. Our world is going through some challenges, art is escapism for those who paint and hopefully those who view"


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