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February 2013

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Julian Gosland

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Julian Gosland was born in Bridlington and now lives in Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Julian Gosland (JBG) is an emerging self taught artist working primarily in oils. His work has two distinct styles, highly traditional landscape oil painting and bold abstract mixed media artworks. He is available for commission work to meet client’s requirements. “I originally started my art career as a hobby. I had always fancied the idea of oil painting and after watching a few demonstrations I thought I would give it a try. I was very shocked at how people were so impressed by my work. There is no greater motivation than having your efforts praised; it truly inspires me to carry on and expand my boundaries." "My two main art styles are polar opposites of each other. My first love has always been for traditional landscape oil painting. The elegant simplicity of nature captured on canvas always gives me great satisfaction. In East Yorkshire we are in the heartland of the caravan industry, so in a recent series of pictures I have combined beautiful landscape vistas with the pleasures of caravanning – which I call ‘Vanscapes’." "My other style relates to my scientific background and produces abstract logical images in a mix of mediums. Many have encoded messages and meanings built into them and often follow structure and conformity themes. As I have gained confidence I have begun to expand use of medium. My oil paintings utilise a “wet on wet” technique, with oil pastels and pencils for certain details. These paintings tend to be on 24” x 18” stretched canvas. The abstract work is sometimes done with oil paints, but are becoming more acrylic based. Canvases tend to be 20” square, but I am now upsizing to 40” X 20” canvases for my latest pieces.” "I would be delighted to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy my work".


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Love it

Submitted by Fergus S 19/06/2013


This was excellent. I rang because a painting I had ordered was no longer available. I was given a discount and very helpful, kind service

Submitted by Fergus S 19/06/2013