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United Kingdom

July 2010

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Jools Lawley

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Jools Lawley is a Contemporary artist living and working in Worcester. What started out as serene, single figure, pastel drawings have evolved over the years into these unique and quirky character compositions that have become her distinctive signature calligraphic style. Hand drawn in black ink or painted in acrylic on white backgrounds, Jools' individual curving figures, often fondly referred to as her 'stickmen', owe their inspiration to the elongated figurines of Giacometti, the curvatures of Henry Moore's sculptures and Lowry's naive paintings of everyday life. Her monochrome, imaginative compositions have such themes as music, sport and street scenes, the possibilities are endless and she continues to look for new characters and scenarios. They vary in size from postcard up to a metre square and are a mixture of framed drawings and painted canvases. Jools commissioned work continues to grow in popularity and incorporate many personalised and significant possessions to identify individual characters. She offers both 'Family portraits' and 'Wedding Portraits'. If you like Jools’ style and would like your own piece commissioned, please enquire through the ArtGallery website.



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