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United Kingdom

April 2008

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Jools Greenyer

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I have always loved to draw and paint and enjoy exploring a variety of techniques and styles. I recently started experimenting with portraiture using a loose scribble technique. First with pen and ink, more recently the scribbles have been hand drawn on a graphics tablet. I love the freedom and versatility digital painting offers. My scribbles focus mainly on portraiture and the human figure, through them I try to express different aspects of the human condition. I have also been commissioned to do a number of pet portraits, which are always great fun to do. I find the process of scribbling, of finding form in chaos incredibly rewarding Although it looks frenzied, the process is quite meditative. I work every day and in between commissions I enjoy scribbling tributes to people who inspire me. If there is anyone in particular you would like to see in scribble please feel fee to drop me a line. I am always happy to discuss commissions and welcome any feedback. I studied art and design at the University East London and graduated in 1991. In 2000 I began a degree in Art History, which I completed in 2004 and have since gained a post graduate diploma. I have exhibited across the UK and hope to have many more exhibitions.


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