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United Kingdom

October 2008

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Jonathan Pitts

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AWARDS - 2nd prize winner: Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, 2011. PRESS ARTICLES- 'Masterclass: Jonathan Pitts,' The Artist Magazine, (May edition) 2012. 'Quality Assurances,' The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, feature article by Frank Whitford, Times art critic. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS - 'RWS Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition,' Bankside Gallery, London, 2012. 'Sunday Times Watercolour Competition (2nd prize winner),' The Mall Galleries, London, 2011. ARTIST STATEMENT - 'My paintings are painted 'plein air'. I paint outside because I can work directly with what I see and with the way a place makes me feel; a dialogue develops between the painting and the landscape around me. Instead of an exact representation of what is there, I seek to explore the visual rhythm of a landscape; the interplay between water, land and sky or between rain and cloud.


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