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June 2016

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John Dallimore

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Welcome to my gallery. From a very early age I have been interested in the expression of emotions through drawing and painting. I also studied the history of Art at school and later at university. When I produce a painting I often feel that I have managed to record a segment of my own emotions. Quite often I am driven by an inner force to paint a certain subject. So my Art tends to be a rollercoaster of different themes. This often reflects my life experiences. I have produced and sold a large amount of work to Art lovers all over the world. In gallerys and through the internet. I have also undertaken and successfully completed comissions that range from abstract landscapes to portraits. On the whole my Art tends to often have an element that makes it unusual. I'm very interested in mystical and unusual themes. There is a link between my paintings and the strong emotions of love and wonder. My paintings are often concieved by a triggered emotion. This can happen with a dream or with a piece of music. Or it could be the overwhelming beauty of a sunset.


Throughout my life I have been haunted by her. She is my Art...


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Simply stunning picture ....

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Easy to use web site picture very well packed and fast deliverey
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Product : Simply stunning picture ....

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