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United Kingdom

November 2008

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John Curtis

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I am an artist born in Bristol and have been painting and drawing for all of my life. My artwork is split into 3 types of styles, one of which are black and white abstract illustrations using inks or pencil, creating highly detailed repeating patterns. I also produce colourful abstract paintings reflecting moods and inspired by everything around me. My current artworks are based on the surroundings of my home town of "Bristol" and I have produced many pieces featuring the industrial and architectural beauty of the city. My work depicts famous landmarks such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and harbouside area to urban landscapes such as derelict buildings and graffitied walls of the inner city, where capture the ever changing walls of the city, producing detailed colourful illustrations, using spray paint, acrylics and mixed media. I have also started painting landscapes of other cities, such as London, New York and Manchester, all of my artwork is based on my photography. I have a large selection of original abstract paintings, illustrations and urban landscape work available as well as limited edition prints available from this site.



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