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United Kingdom

July 2012

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Joanna Dymek

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One may ask: what is a portrait? A few dashes of paint, shadows, eyes, nose, mouth and hair? Is that what creates a portrait? One may say, yes … kind of; but there is something more, something so much deeper. This is what I call the Soul. Without the essence of our ‘Soul’ imbued in the painting, a portrait is worthless, empty and has no energy behind it. Whilst painting a whole series of emotions, thoughts and feelings go into each one. I give it ‘Soul’, I breathe life into a piece of paper that then comes alive and pierces and resonates with everyone who sees it. This way I give a story to the person I am painting, the portrait suddenly becomes alive and one can see that in a single glance. Art is a game of emotion, and a magical creation of wizardry. The cat symbolizes intuition, the ability to move in the dark, within the dimension of our subconscious mind and look into the future. A cat’s eyes are fascinating, they do not blink and sometimes can cause a feeling of unease or disconcertment. Watching a cat has always been an aesthetic experience for me; its deep gaze can arouse anxiety and trepidation. Even the greatest cat-lover cannot avoid this feeling of a sense of awe. Looking into the eyes of a cat takes one into realms of secrecy and into the unknown.



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Very nice piece of work.

Submitted by Ian M 19/03/2014


Excellent as usual.

Submitted by Ian M 19/03/2014