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United Kingdom

April 2016

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Jill Aspin

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After leaving art college with a diploma in Art and Design, I left the world of art and spent the next 10 years working and bringing up my son. I didn’t have much time to dedicate to my passion for art, but now my son is older, over recent years, I have been able to dedicate more of my time towards creating beautiful paintings. Apart from my time at college, I have had no professional training, and am mainly self-taught. I was recently convinced to make my paintings available to the public, something I had avoided up to this point, as it is such a personal thing to do. The results have been fantastic, and I have sold a quite a number of my paintings within the first couple of months. I now dedicate most of my days to painting and I feel I am constantly improving and my paintings are evolving all the time. I love bright colours, purples, pinks and yellows - they make me happy to paint, and there is a joy in my work that I want to share.


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