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United Kingdom

March 2018

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Jess Egan

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I am an artist based in the South West of England. I tend to work in a variety of media, I love painting (particularly landscapes) but I also love to explore collage with found objects and drawing in inks and watercolours. I have had a few local exhibitions of work via eateries and bars and I keep a blog online as well as a shop on Etsy. I schooled locally in Somerset, enjoying Art and Design and History of Art through to BTec foundation level with a subsequent entry into Cheltenham College of Art. I have a big passion for culture; Art and Design, Literature, Film, History and Music. In recent years my partner and I have travelled to Rome, Paris, Avignon and Barcelona to visit galleries and see the architecture. We also live in a beautiful part of the South West of England where I would say I am heavily influenced by our local landscapes and gardens. So when not travelling further a field I have plenty of fantastic opportunities for inspiration right on the doorstep!


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