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United Kingdom

November 2016

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Jenny Eldridge

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My love for art began as a young child. My mother, a graphic designer, bought me a set of watercolours for my 8th birthday. She taught me a few techniques and within about 6 months I'd filled many notebooks and scraps of paper and used nearly all of the paint - I was instantly hooked! I took GCSE and A Level art and intended to carry on studying at university but not long after I had completed my A Levels I fell pregnant with my son. He is now 14 and we have had 3 more children but I have continued to paint and draw as often as I possibly can. I like to paint using acrylics and would describe my main style as abstract, though I do like to put my hand to anything creative. I have been lucky enough to have sold 9 pieces of my work so far.


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