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United Kingdom

August 2012

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Jeanette Faulkner Clarke

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I graduated from Gloucester University in 2008 with a degree in fine art and history of art, and I am currently living and practicing in Worcestershire. I also do commissions, mainly of people’s animals, horses and dogs. And abstract paintings. just enquire. Relatively a new artist, I have exhibited at art centres and galleries around Worcestershire, Cheltenham and Birmingham. I am a friend of The Society of Equestrian artists and The Birmingham Society of artists. Everything has the capacity to capture the imagination, so my inspiration stems from the inherent beauty and spirit in all things manifested in form, therefore my subject matter is wide and varied. I choose to paint both abstract and representational images, as both are effective at depicting and extracting the source from within. Although I work in any medium, my favoured materials to use at present are mixed media and inks with excessive amounts of water. The slightly unpredictable nature of ink and water sometimes allows a certain measure of serendipity, which I find, suits my overall intention. I often do commissions of most subjects.mainly horses and dogs.


I have exhibited with the RBSA and exhibit in galleries around Gloucestershire and Hereford, Oxfordshire and the north west of England. I have donated paintings to horse charities and the Bluecross charity


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Picture was exactly right for its location.

Submitted by Customer 10/07/2017


Service very efficient.
Acknowledgements and invoices received immediately; pleasant and helpful staff; online image was an excellent reproduction of actual painting; close ups were helpful. When I received the painting it was exactly as I had expected.
Product : Picture was exactly right for its location.

Submitted by Customer 10/07/2017