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United Kingdom

August 2017

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Jayne Farthing

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I started painting professionally in 1989 and studied fine art in 1994 and 1995, however my creativity goes much further back than that! I have painted in a variety of media, but specialize in oil paint on large canvasses. i have an impressionist style and focus mainly on landscapes. Most landscapes are from around the Picturesque Malvern Hills which is where I grew up. Some of my paintings are in private collections around the world now. My aim is to capture beauty, peace and transience on canvas, including past reflections and memories. The ever changing landscape, the skylarks, the rape fields of brightest yellow against blue skies - trees through the seasons and gorgeous red poppies. My art is steered by my heart and I believe it can never go wrong that way. some of my most popular paintings have now been made into limited edition prints on top quality canvas and hand finished. I hope my paintings will be as special for you as they are for me.


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