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United Kingdom

May 2019

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Jan Kalinski

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I am a UK based artist living in the south of England. After graduating from Art College in Maidstone Kent, I spent a number of years teaching drawing and painting in western Canada I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992 which, in my case, (along with other symptoms) resulted in permanent numbness of my extremities, particularly my hands. I can no longer hold a pencil properly, or write my own name, but I have never let go of a paintbrush. My work is figurative, and my painting methods are relatively simple and straightforward, however, and with disability in mind, detailed drawing is out of the question and as a result there are no sketches, studies, or preliminary drawings, I do all my drawing and thinking with a brush directly on the canvas. I work in Oils and Acrylics, and I find that each medium fosters its own approach. I'm attracted to many subjects for my paintings and I often find myself creating a series of paintings on one subject, or occasionally will make a number of paintings using a particular technique or approach.


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