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United Kingdom

April 2022

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James shepherd

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My artistic background started with Copper plaques using an art form called repousse', the art of hand embossing of copper. I progressed to oil painting, being influenced by my father who also painted in oils. Unfortunately being an impatient person when it comes to art I moved on to teach myself digital painting using a Wacom tablet. My progression and the learning curve after a slow start proceded to speed up when I found that this was an obvious choice for me, the experimentation and versatility of this art form is amazing. I have been selling online and in galleries for more than 25 years,Painting is a passion to me, I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I have finished my art.Knowing that some else will get pleasure from them is a bonus.My subjects are various because I enjoy the different challenges they give


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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