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2015 Nominated for the British Portrait award
2015 Nominated for the Royal Society of Oil Painters
2015 Nominated for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
2016 Nominated for the British Portrait Award
2016 Nominated for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
2018 Shortlisted for Art Gemini Prize
2019 Shortlisted for British Portrait Award
2019 Winner first prize at the London Biennale
2019 Shortlisted for The Sunny Art Prize
2019 Winner of The International Prize Giotto
2019 Winner of The International Prize Leonardo da Vinci
2020 Shortlisted for The British Portrait Award
2020 Winner International Artist of The Year by the International Contemporary Art Magazine
2021 Winner of The International Confederation of Art Critics

United Kingdom

June 2015

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James Earley

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British artist James Earley is one of the worlds leading Hyperrealism Artists. James first came to prominence in 2013 when he was chosen to be a part of The Art Investors’ acclaimed 2013 “Seven Artists Exhibition”, this exhibition was held at London’s Strand Gallery and focused on 7 of the very best young Artists in the world. James’ display of his portrayal of famous musicians was much publicised. His work took another route in 2015 with his powerful and emotional studies of homeless people, victims of war and religious martyrs. This work took him to another level in the art world as he was nominated by The BP award, The Royal Institue of Oil Painters and The Royal Institute Of Portrait Painters culminating in his work being displayed at the iconic and famous Mall Gallery in the heart of London. James was awarded the Prize For Painting in 2019 at the prestigious London Biennale. James was awarded the Venice International Art Prize in 2020. James has been described by the German Kunst Heute publication as well as The International Contemporary Art Curators as one of the most significant artists in the world today. James Earley has thus emerged as one of the foremost pioneers of figurative and hyperrealism painting in Britain today, a fact all the more remarkable since James is a self taught artist.


I use my work to raise awareness of issues such as homelessness, mental health and war. I want to make the invisible visible, I want my art to scream and demand attention.


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