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United Kingdom

June 2018

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Jaimie Volkaerts

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Hello and welcome to my artgallery store. I'm a contemporary self-taught artist working mostly with acrylics on large scale canvases. My work is characterised by texture and bold colours which at times can be as simple as black, white with gold and silver and ranges from large abstract pieces to abstract florals with the occasional seascape painting. I spent most of my life in the North West of England close to the sea and moved to the West Midlands in 2007 and I now live in the Solihull area with my husband and children. I went to University after leaving school and studied a degree in Applied Social Sciences and spent over 20 years working in a busy corporate role. Although I studied art in school and undertook numerous creative pursuits during my corporate career I did not start painting again until after leaving work. Once I did start painting I was completely hooked and have not stopped since. I have taken art lessons although a significant amount of my learning has been self-taught through hundreds of hours of practice, online tutorials and trial and error. My art clearly shows my love of working with vibrant colours and thick texture. My process is often intuitive with the starting position being to decide on colours and overall style and then the painting develops as I feel appropriate. I take inspiration for my art from observations of colour, nature, space, landscapes and music. I have sold my art to both national and international collectors including commissions for both private and corporate clients.


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