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May 2017

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Jacqueline Smith

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I was very good at art in school but was unable to attend Art College, nonetheless figure drawing and landscape sketching have been a constant interest of mine. When my children were young I enjoyed attending watercolour painting classes at Craven College where I was able to develop basic techniques and produce pieces of landscape work. My family responsibilities eased about 8 years ago and I was then able to develop my art skills further under the tutelage of a local professional artist and at Colne and Nelson College. My work has been exhibited in various galleries within the North West and Lake District some of which have been sold. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums but mostly use acrylics and now oils, which i'm studying on line with the a London based college. Atmosphere is an important aspect of my work. One way I seek to capture it is by the restriction of my colour palette thereby producing monochrome images. I do not limit myself to any one subject matter. I paint that which excites my interest. The opportunity to provide illustrations for the three books - Puppy Dog's Tales; Old Three Laps and On Safari with Suzie - have allowed me to experiment with caricaturisation.


I would describe my art as eclectic.


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