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July 2015

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Jacky Benady

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Jacky studied art in Hythe Kent with Paul Apps and is going to study with Stephen Thompson. Her pictures and cards are sold locally. Previously she was an Education Adviser for the County specialising in children with special needs and children in Care. Jacky taught art to small children for 40 years but never tried it for herself. So upon retirement she took up painting in 2012. Her style is very loose and impressionistic with a strong bold use of colour. Her pictures have been exhibited in Hythe and have sold over the last two years. She has found a love of painting and self-expression through immersing herself in painting. She uses oils and acrylic. Limited print runs have been available of some of the pictures and these have sold well, along with cards from the same images. The sale of art work, along with crocheted craft and children's cards that are unique the profits are for a charity: a charity called Jessie’s fund. This provides music therapy for children in Hospices and also works with children in special schools enabling communication for children who previously had no way of communicating. This charity works throughout Britain and trains teachers to use music creatively with children. This year she has just raised £2,500 from sale of her art and craft.


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