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February 2014

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Jack Roberts

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Julian has been working as an artists for a number of years, he has studied in the arts at Undergraduate and Masters level and he is also currently undertaking a PhD in the arts. His work has been exhibited around the UK since 2009 at exhibitions in London (such as in the East End and in Covent Garden) and at art fairs around the UK (such as in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and more). Julian's work has explored many subjects in the past but a recurring theme is looking back at artists of the past as inspiration. His current body of work fully reflects this. These works are recreations of Jigsaw pieces from jigsaws of famous painting whether it be Constables The Hay Wain, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss or even the Girl on the Swing by Fragonard. Julian takes a jigsaw piece from each famous painting and enlarges it, he makes a hand made canvas exactly to the shape of the jigsaw piece and then in the style and with extreme detail paints the jigsaw piece exactly replicating the original. The outcome is often an abstract colour study which alone are beautiful creations but when paired with the handcrafted jigsaw piece shaped canvas and the historic inspiration for each work makes these works of art truly unique.


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