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United Kingdom

February 2017

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Ivana Grant

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I was born and grew up in Croatia. I finished 4 years of ceramics study at the school of Applied Art and Design and then I studied Clothes and Textile Design at the Textile- Technology University where I was awarded a First Class MA with Honour’s. Some years after, I moved to London. Unexpectedly I was being diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when I was young. Its progressive nature eventually limited my ability to move. I found painting as a form of art as cathartic, meditative, explorative and exhilarating. I paint vivid, optimistic interpretations of the nature and landscapes and combine familiar elements including flowers, boats and birds in thoughtful compositions. They are my very personal response to the surroundings depicting the tranquillity, beauty, love and joy, which I try to discover in the every day. I use a warm, vibrant and rich acrylic palette. Thank you for looking at my paintings, please feel free to contact me for further information. I have been selling my paintings for over 10 years and have always received very positive feedback .


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