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2019 year- First prize for sculpture, Sliven National Exhibition of Fine Arts
2009 year - Win a competition for monumental sculpture


MA sculpture: 2010 year - graduated National Academy of fine Arts

January 2021

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Ivan Stoyanov

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Born in 1981 in Yambol, Bulgaria. Ivan Stoyanov graduated with a Master's degree in sculpture from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2010. After the period of his education he participated in a number of national and international sculpture symposiums. He has realized monumental sculptures in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Iran, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy. His travels around the world and meeting different cultures have opened new creative horizons for the artist. Ivan's art is inspired by the grandeur and harmony of nature. The spiritual space he shares leads the viewer to a unique visual experience. The emotion leading in his work, he expresses in different areas of fine arts. In parallel, his research is focused on sculpture from natural materials, expressive painting, drawing and collage, which he materializes in large-format and bold works of art. The various means of expression he uses enrich his creative character and give greater materiality and plasticity to the image. Actively participates in national and international exhibitions, art competitions, plein airs and symposiums. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2016. Member of the International Sculpture Symposium Alliance since 2018. Lives and works in Bulgaria.


Creating fine art is an integral and intimate part of my life. I draw and model from an early age, as well as learn about the mystery of the world through this activity. For me, inspiration is created by the artist himself at work, and art is a way to understand and reveal the spiritual world of things. This is a noble mission, revealing new worlds and dimensions to humanity. Immersed in the vast space of art, we meet the dreams that give rise to our bright future. I headed to the monumental sculpture because it has the power to change the space through the language of art. For me, in this language, there was always something exalted and inexplicable. Something that has attracted and touched people for thousands of years. Understanding the language of art, we return to the knowledge of our own ancestors. Maybe because it carries the energy and information of humanity through time.


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