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October 2012

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Isabelle Amante

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French mixed media artist based in the UK, experimenting with a variety of mediums and subjects. "I was born in France in 1977 but I have lived in England since 2002, after spending one year in Germany and one year in Ireland. I have always had an interest in Art since I can remember. I learnt to paint through practising my Art and reading books. I specialize in large landscape and woodland paintings but I also enjoy painting various subjects, using a large variety of mediums. Experimenting is my main focus and it is what makes me grow as an artist. My work is a combination of accidents and control, a combination of darkness and light. I try to paint my emotions as it is sometimes easier to express them through colours and textures than words." I have sold my work across the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, United States, Australia and Hong Kong. Past exhibitions: Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 : Lumi Arts Gallery, London Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, 22-24 May 2015 Feb - March 2015 : group exhibition "Views and variations" at Will`s Art Gallery, Putney Common, LONDON SW15 1LY 2013 - Leabrooks Gallery, Derbyshire,UK 2012 - The Cafe (Edwinstowe), Nottinghamshire, UK 2011 - The Forest Edge Gallery (Edwinstowe) 2011 - True Colours Art Gallery (Mapperley, Nottingham) 2009-2012 - BrevonArt Gallery (Doncaster) 2008-2010 - Leabrooks Gallery (Somercotes) 2008 - Nottingham Society Of Artists - "Spring Exhibition" (Notingham) 2008 - The Gaia Gallery (Edwinstowe) 2006 - Mansfield Society Of Artists - Annual Summer Exhibition (Mansfield) 2006- Peli Deli (Matlock) from 2004 to 2006 - Charisma Gallery (Matlock) 2005 - Mansfield Society Of Artists 2004 - Mansfield Society Of Artists 2004 - Classic Fine Art (Derby) 2004 - Eyrie Gallerie (Mansfield) SOLO SHOWS: -Dec. 2013 Leabrooks Gallery, Derbyshire, UK -Oct. Nov 2011 - Brevonart Gallery, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK - Aug. 2009 - Leabrooks Gallery, Derbyshire - 2004 -Mansfield Museum


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Simply gorgeous. Professionally packaged.

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Excellent service. Extremely helpful.
Product : Simply gorgeous. Professionally packaged.

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