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Highest School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki .Greece

January 2018

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Ioanis Ntakos

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I was born in Larisa, Greece. My work is human-centred. My inspiration is the motion and bright color of the urban scenery and the routine of city life, which are covered by ample Greek light. All my paintings have been painted in daylight, which symbolize hope and optimism for a new beginning. Education: Graduate of the Highest School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki.Yiannis Christakis (art historian) Seeing the work of John Dakos, the spectator discovers the artist’s love for color, motion and light at a first glance. One can detect the different tensions and contradictions of light, color, space, density. He is interested in man, motion and the routine of city life. The city characters appears small and diminished in the labyrinth of the city and human presence. Exhibitions: Elasona Larisa, cultural centre, June 2009 (Retrospective) Larisa musical school, February 2012 (team work) ‘’Art teachers exhibition’’ Larisa Municipal Gallery G. J. Katsigras, December 2013 (team work) ‘’citizen artist’’ Larisa French institute, March 2015 (Retrospective) ‘’Retrospective stop’’ Larisa, Municipal Gallery G. J. Katsigras, November 2015 (team work) ‘’Larisa from above’’ Larisa, Municipal Gallery G. J. Katsigras, December 2015, ‘’Small works-solidarity tree’’ Ena art gallery Athens, December 2016, team work) ‘’small works’’ Epsilon art gallery Loutraki June 2017,team work)’’You,Come and See’’ International Contemporary Art Fair Thessaloniki 2017,team work) Gallery Wisedog Larisa February 2018 (team work)’’ Arrival’’ Εna Art Gallery Athens. March 2018 (team work )’’Monographs’’ International contemporary art fair athina 2018(team work) Caplanon 5 art gallery athens.December 2018 (team work) small works. Cask art gallery Larisa. December 2018 (team work)mini size. Art genova 2019 (team work) February 2019. Art Athina 2019. (team work) Septenber 2019. International Contemporary Art Fair Thessaloniki. November 2019(team work)



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