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United States

December 2018

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Inna Montano

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Inna was born in Russia near Moscow. She graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Art, Russia. She live and work in USA , California sense 1999.Inna started paint professionally since moved to USA. She is consider her self as Selftough artist. Her artworks has been purchased by collectors in the Europe, Australia , Israel , New Zealand and the USA. She also exhibit regularly in California. Inna love the rich, bold and bright colors of the Mediterranean and often portrays scenes from her travels to her landscapes. She hope her works evoke feeling of happiness, well-being and joy of life. She wants to share with you the warmth of the heat of the sidewalk, the smell of the flowers and a trees and the taste of ripe fruit. She want you to wonder the roads or enjoy a quiet moment in an overstuffed armchair in a romantic setting somewhere in Italy or France.


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