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United Kingdom

BA- Graphic Art
MA-Visual Communications/Graphic Design

April 2018

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Kumanite Art

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Kumanite Art explores and developed her own artistic style simplifying shapes and applying expressiveness in brush strokes. She believes that it’s all about expressing what is inside us and communicating those basic human emotions. ‘I have always been interested in feelings and how the world can be seen differently if we just change our perceptions and this will in turn have an impact on personality and how we feel about ourselves. Emotions tell us about the flavour of our lives and give us information about self and life. Then you paint. At the end, you look at the painting from a distance and you see your true self at that specific moment. The viewer will use their own experience to interpret the artwork. Ina has also trained and worked as a graphic designer, specialising in commercial advertising for many years. She has a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design - Visual Communications from the New Bulgarian University. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Bulgarian Embassy in London in 2018 and at the Mennier Gallery in 2019. Kumanite Art is a London based artist who paint mainly with acrylics and best known for her series of abstract women’s portraits and nudes. Her paintings are abstract expressionistic in style which leave the viewer free to experience the artwork through the colour combinations, palette knife strokes, and sharp lines. Her artwork is intended to be a visual experience which evoke a feeling of freedom to be interpreted by the viewer. These days she is fascinated by the blending of colours and the fluidity and visual pleasure that come with observing the almost organic and natural flow of patterns.



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