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November 2012

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Ihsan Abu-Naila

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I have been a college lecturer for some 14 years. I have always been good with drawing and painting, and whilst I was lecturing I took up life drawing and painting. I took A-level in art and got A grade. I was a member of the North Weald group of Artists ( based in Reigate/ Surrey) for some 6 or 7 years. I took part in their group exhibitions (twice yearly) and during that time I think I sold some 10-12 paintings with this group. I stopped being a member in about 2009/2010. I have also had a solo exhibition in Baghdad/IRAQ in 1975. I paint mainly in Oils but I also dabble in Water and Acrylics colours. The main reason why I want to start selling my artworks on the net is that I have a lot of paintings and selling a painting gives the artist an incentive to do more. I have sold paintings for some £300 or more and that was some 5 years ago. My range of subjects are varied and include but not limited to the following: Landscapes; Seascapes; Portraiture; Nudes; Modern and Surealism. I did think of starting my own website for my art work, but a friend told me about this scheme and so I hope that this will work out. Willing to accept commissions for Portraiture or other subjects.


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