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Elected to membership of the Royal Society of Sculptors

United Kingdom

BA(Hons) Degree from West Surrey College of Art & Design

October 2020

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Ian Campbell-Briggs MRSS

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I graduated from West Surrey College of Art & Design (University of the Creative Arts) and went on to teach in Further and Higher Education for the next 17 years. In 2009 I retired from education to concentrate on my own work. Since then I have been elected to membership of the Royal Society of Sculptors (MRSS). Exhibited widely in London, across the UK, in France, Italy and the USA. I have been commissioned to produce five large Public Art sculptures and my work has been shown in the Sculpture Gardens of a number of the UK's Stately Houses. I have always drawn but during the last 7 years I have been concentrating on teaching myself to draw digitally, on a Wacom Tablet and iPad Pro using ArtRage software. I have developed a style of drawing/painting in coloured pencils and pastels, where every mark is produced by myself using a Wacom Pen or iPen on a digital canvas. The images tend to be of holiday destinations showing the architecture and people enjoying the sunshine, colour and light. Due to the detail, these drawings take weeks to produce. The looser ones are also produced digitally, unlike the others these are black ink line drawings, coloured with multiple layers of ink washes. I also produce work using the traditional printmaking techniques of etching and linocut.



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