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United Kingdom

September 2017

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Ian Blaikie

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Although I have been painting for as far back as I can remember; I first discovered my passion for art during my teenage years when I became fascinated by the variety of tones reflected in the bodywork of motor vehicles. As both an art and technical drawing student, I became interested in combining practices from both subjects to create paintings which were not only rich in colour, but also possessed an abundance of intricate detail. Whilst my paintings are most often a celebration of the works of architects or designers from a bygone era, I also have an appreciation for the natural world and enjoy painting landscapes or seascapes on occasion. Thank you for visiting my art gallery page; I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


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The art work received was first class and the transaction very straight forward. Just great for a special gift or just something for your own home, very unique

Submitted by Susan Johnson 01/01/2019


We wanted something a bit special for our sons 18th birthday and with him being car mad and having previously restored an old mini with his dad we thought that a painting of his precious car would be something he would be able to treasure.
We had seen some of Ian Blaikie's art work on the site and liked his landscapes and his many different paintings of cars so thought he seemed the perfect choice for painting our sons mini.
The finished painting did not disappoint, it's amazing , an

Submitted by Susan Johnson 01/01/2019