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United Kingdom

January 2018

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Howard Doherty

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I was born in Salford, Manchester in 1972, and grew up in rural Cork, Southern Ireland through most of my formative years. I have been based in Southampton, Hampshire since 1993, where I set down my roots and became a skilled building contractor. Forever working with my hands. In 2004, I experienced a life-changing head injury that set my life on a different path. Whilst I have been creating art in stylised illustration form since 2002, after my accident, I spent many years experimenting with different art forms, creating an extensive portfolio of work. Settling on pen and paper as my medium, I have to-date created a portfolio consisting of over 100 original pieces of varying size. Taking celestials and the human form as an endless inspiration for my work, I enjoy creating pieces that are inspired by graffiti art, tattoo art, and abstract surrealism. For a long time, I have kept my work in a portfolio only seen by a handful of people that took interest in art. I have sold pieces over the years to various collectors but never sought to have my work seen on a wider scale until now. I feel as though I have spent too much time self-teaching, exploring and developing my art, to leave them left in a portfolio for no one to see or enjoy. My work has always been an outlet for me to explain what sometimes words could not, and I am now ready to share this outlet with the rest of the world. Howard Doherty



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