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United Kingdom

July 2017

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Holly Foster

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I returned to painting many years after my initial interest led me down the university pathway. I have always painted creatively but a few years ago a physical problem brought me back to expressing myself artistically & i decided to start to sell my pieces. A deep rooted love of animals & nature has shaped my career working for a national animal charity whilst developing my passion for capturing on canvas both subjects in their many forms. My works vary in style but always have a base in the shapes of mother nature and are finished with an illustrative undertone. I work in both oil and acrylic mediums which are often finished and enhanced by metallic accents & ink. A lot of my abstract work can be instinctive, time I spend working on these pieces is precious to me and I find it can be a cathartic process. I am forever fascinated by the very pure beauty of colour, shape & form, I try to combine and push these elements to create statement pieces that can provide a real visual feast for the viewer. Often the marks I make are often a direct result of my emotional response to what is happening in my daily life. Please feel free to contact me if you like my work & would like any pieces commissioned.


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