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Self taught initially and then attended three day courses with various esteemed watercolour artists
Jane Davies, Louise da Masi

February 2020

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Helen Hobbs

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My identical twin sister encouraged me to pick up the paint brush when I was diagnosed, very unexpectedly, with a serious cardiac illness. I had been a very active person up to then, owning and caring for my beloved horses and gardening with a passion! Thank goodness for watercolour which I enjoy enormously and find it keeps me busy and content. I am drawn to the animal and plant kingdom which I paint in a realist style. My work is created using professional quality watercolour which I find works well when depicting the natural subjects of my painting. I paint from life and photographs, my botanical material tends to fade and wilt before I have finished the piece! I like to depict my subjects on a. monochrome background so that the subject, be it animal or vegetable is not detracted from in any way. I am available for commissions, enquiries welcome!



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