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United Kingdom

June 2018

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Heather Hunt

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I have a BA hons in ceramic design from 1982, I have always had a kiln and maxes pots, sometimes life got in the way, having babies , teaching and stuff in general but my heart has always been with the excitement of clay, fired earth, white gold etc. So when made redundant in 2011 I went back to my first passion and began again to work with clay full time. I took a course in Participatory Arts Facilitation in Health and Social Care and now I work with different groups of people delivering ceramics and pottery painting workshop. I thoroughly believe in the benefits of art for health and well-being and promote this through my work. My work is Raku or stoneware. I began doing Raku in 2014 and just love the firing method, it fits with my fun sculptures and gives them life a a quirky fun.


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