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May 2011

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Grazyna Maria Gracyas

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Grazyna Maria Gracyas “It is not what is behind us, or what is in front of us, but what is within us”. My pieces are limited and are special to me and I believe to those who own them. I was born in Poland, in a county town, to restaurateur parents in 1952. I have dared with my family of two small children to venture to seek political asylum in Austria in 1981, one train, two little children, a couple of suitcases and leaving all the life I knew behind. I begun anew in South Africa in 1982, and what an adventure! Since then I have lived in Botswana, where the colours of the sunset and the clear night sky are certainly inspiring. I returned to the call of my homeland Poland, Krakow, for a brief time and have settled in the UK, Portsmouth. An artist needs a path, impressions and to follow one’s heart. I am admittedly most at home by the ocean. To choose art one needs to know oneself, it is the knowing of what touches you, which results in the most satisfying choice of a painting. The value of an investment piece should not be underestimated. I have had several sole exhibitions at the very exclusive venue of Cape Town, Waterfront, South Africa, for charity, the Tygerberg Children’s’ Hospital, and they were very well received (2003 – 2005). I have also exhibited and been auctioned by Rempex in Poland. Recent exhibition: Solo exhibition: 26 June - 08 July 2012 at OXMARKET Centre of Arts , Chichester, West Sussex. 21 Aug. - 2 Sep. "Stride Open Exhibition 2012" at OXMARKET , Chichester, West Sussex. 05 - 11 August 213 at OXMARKET Centre of Arts, Chichester. My pride is not the international homes for my pieces, but the pleasure of inspiring happiness. Art should not be just about beauty, and investment, but something that completes you. My art, especially my choice of colour, is dramatic, bold and unrestrained. I attempt with the vibrancy and vigor of colors to awaken the senses, bring forth an unrestrained smile, and what I hope is an enduring lasting pleasure for you. Being an artist, is not an easy career, it is about reaction, not acceptance. In my opinion, beauty lies in colour, and the courage to express that colour. I work exclusively with oils on canvas to accomplish that. I strive for a personal interpretation, and my art shows what I see. While I paint I escape to the world of my canvas and I do so for the pleasure of creating something beautiful and the happiness inspiration bring me. My art stands and speaks for itself, I do not want my truth, but for you to see your truth in it. If a painting gives you pleasure and you love it, you have found the right piece, or rather it has found you.


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