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United Kingdom

July 2014

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Graham Comstive

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Graham was born in Leeds, where he spent his formative years. After a short, inspirational spell, living in North Yorkshire, he has now settled in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. A keen interest in drawing and painting from an early age has developed into a lifetime's vocation in visual art against all odds. In his early twenties, Graham began a career of 23 years, as a builder, but his passion for art led him to take up watercolour painting in his free time. Not limiting himself to any single subject matter or medium, Graham honed his skills producing paintings and drawings in pencil, pen, watercolour and acrylics, with subjects ranging from landscapes, portraits, birds and animals. Graham has also had a lifelong interest in animals and nature, and is influenced largely by the works of world famous wildlife artist, David Shepherd and also the works of Carl Brenders. Commissions are welcome. All canvases are painted on the edges in the 'wrap around' effect, providing a pleasing finish and giving the option of being hung with or without a frame.


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It's a beautiful piece of work

Submitted by Jesamine N 27/01/2016


Everyone was very helpful. If there was a way to do everything online rather than through the post, this would be great and a lot quicker.

Submitted by Jesamine N 27/01/2016