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July 2018

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Growing up partly deaf in a silent family, with deaf parents, forced me to quietly watch and observe people around me everyday. Accurately observing those people, watching their body language, and using lip reading, helped me to understand conversations and interact with other people as others do. Even today, the practice of observing fascinates me, and my work has been affected by that. It is no surprise, that most of my work in the form of figurative or portrait painting using oils, acrylics and other medium. I always loved painting and used to paint on my free time. Later in my life, I started to take various professional short painting classes. From there I have continued my education. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) First Class from UEL, London Completed a 2 years long Fine Art foundation course at City Lit, London I Had a year long private painting tuition at a London based professional artist studio If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer I'll send all packages via most reliable express shipping companies. Using their service, all orders reach the client very fast. I order DOOR-TO-DOOR express shipping service to ensure you get your order on time.


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