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United Kingdom

July 2018

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Resolve and self-acceptance play a huge role in my work. I often find myself struggling to accept certain emotions, reactions, desires, fears, memories and constantly looking for resolutions. This all washes away when I paint, finding myself accepting everything that comes in the process and finding my resolutions. Every single time I paint, I learn to be true to myself and happy in my own skin. Every single time I paint, I feel strong, because there is an option to say “yes, I like it”, or “no, I don’t” - an option not to do it only because somebody thinks I should. Every single time I paint, I feel empowered, because there are endless opportunities to learn and improve myself. The majority of my work is figurative art. My love for it comes from being partially deaf since childhood; I had to get used to watching and observing people, as it helped me to interact with them. This pushed me to also paint them the way I see and experience them. When painting I often find myself using strong colours, because I want to feel strong emotions, adding strange objects or abstract shapes even if it is not to others’ usual taste, therefore creating unusual combinations, because I don’t want to limit myself to these rules. Growing up under the Soviet Union, rules and limitations made me want to create anything and everything, in contrast to the dullness seen everywhere. Painting is a way to resolve, accept and let myself be.



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