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United Kingdom

January 2017

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Georgina Levick

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I have loved painting ever since I was old enough to wield a paint brush, as such I pursued a creative education from GCSE to BA Hons and have painted for my own pleasure in my spare time when not teaching primary children, trying to inspire them to explore their own creative outlets and running around after my son. I have painted pictures as gifts for friends and then found myself being commissioned for paintings by friends of friends who had seen my paintings then friends of friends of friends until I eventually realised other people appreciated my work. I have gone on to sell my art in local businesses. Someone very special to me once said that you should seek out at least one beautiful thing every day and I have tried to live by that philosophy. As such I have found inspiration to paint in a variety of every day pleasures such as an unusual light filtering through a tree or a wistful look of a mother observing her child. My current artworks online are part of my 'legends collection' and I personally saw beauty in the twinkling, soulful eyes of Mother Theresa and the creases and wrinkles caused by years of emotions on Nelson Mandela's face.


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