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United Kingdom

January 2008

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George Hutton Hunter

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I have been painting, since around 1980. I began with a small oil palette but by 1986 had moved to painting a sheet glass. During the period 1986-87 I completed a number of glass paintings. I restarted painting in oil in 2004 and changed to acrylics in 2006. In late 2007, I returned to painting on glass plus experimenting with mixed media. In 2010 I began using pastels, 2011 marker pens. and 2013 spray paint. My art has been seen in exhibitions in Louvre Paris, Miami, New York skyscrapers, London, Hong Kong and Newcastle plus private collections around the world. I also produce small sculptural pieces and abstract photographs for sale. Please contact my website for details of this work. My artist influences are the Nordic and French Impressionists, the Fauvists and Japanese artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige.


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