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May 2020

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Gary Towle

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The first time I saw art that made an impression on me was during my art classes at school. A guy in my class was a big David Bowie fan the result was every art project assigned he made it a homage to Bowie. I don’t know where he went with his life from that point but for me the fascination with art had begun. I take note of art everywhere – on walls, back streets and hidden away galleries in places I’ve visited like Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Bristol, Amsterdam and London. This has, over the years, influenced what I paint today. A memorable visit to Amsterdam in particular had an effect on my work, I wandered along the canals in the early evenings, just as the lamps were being turned on in those fabulous canal side apartments, for all passers-by to see stunning art gracing the walls of these homes. I don’t have a single subject, style or theme that defines my work I appreciate most types of art and, of course, art is highly subjective so I feature a wide range of styles, techniques, colours and subjects that will liven up any wall in your home.


Art is everywhere, but not always in the obvious places !


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