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United Kingdom

January 2017

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Gary Vandermeulen

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Gary is a self taught artist who has a joy for painting. From a young age Gary was drawing in pencil and has been exploring various mediums throughout his life. The Secret Homes series explores the forest and magical places that have hidden doors into wondrous unknown homes inviting the viewer to wonder who lives there. Prior to painting Gary began sculpting wood-spirits or Green-men, also known as 'weilgeists', so this magical forest theme continues to capture his imagination. In the paintings of the Secret Woodland Homes series you will see the tiny doors that lead to the homes that are believed to exist in the realms of Elves, Pixies, Dwarves and other woodland spirits. These forests are also the realm of the Green-men who are wood spirits and believed to be the custodians of the forest. Ancient pagan cultures always knocked on the old trees to wake up the wood spirits to ensure they were permitted safe passage. The Secret woodland homes are places that we may glimpse from time to time. The Wood-spirit carvings show the magic of old wood and the spirit within it. A wood-spirit loves to protect your home from evil, just as it previously did in the forest. A painting that is a window into the secret homes of the forest is a wonderful way to bring wonder and imagination into your living space. Originally from British Columbia in Canada Gary now resides in Stirling in the heart of ancient magical Scotland.


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