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June 2008

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Frances Brice

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The artist attended Glasgow School of Art but found little inspiration there, sketching dusty white marble statues for the tutor. A longing to paint realistic landscapes led first to watercolour before realising that the style of painting was more suited to oils. "Paint what you see, not what you think you see." guides this artist who hails from the Borders of Scotland and now lives in Lincolnshire. Having been a holder of the Nichols Challenge Cup – Heckington Agricultural Show awarded 1st and 2nd place in three mediums – oil, acrylic and watercolour, the artist has progressed from this village show - albeit one of the largest villages in England - to commissions that grace the homes of Scotland, Germany and Canada. "I feel art is in my veins - something I feel compelled to do. - I personally feel quite miserable if I can't paint for any reason. Artist block and I admit I am totally unbearable to live with. Sitting in my studio at my easel with Pink Floyd or something classical playing in the background and I am in my element totally blissfully unaware of either time or place."


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The picture is lovely. We have spent months trawling for a picture the right size. The website says it is 33" by 22" by 1". We were very suprised when it arrived as it is only 25.5" by 13.5" including the border and it arrived in a tube. Absolutely no good for the space we bought it for.

Submitted by Lucy A 06/10/2013


Send the size picture you advertise and include something in the packaging telling people how to send it back or who to contact if it is not right - the letter from the artist is a nice touch but no help whatsoever.

Submitted by Lucy A 06/10/2013