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United Kingdom

November 2007

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Faizal Ravat

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Hi there I am a degree educated self representing artist from the west Yorkshire region, who mainly specialises in creating modern abstract art. I am well renowned for my unique metal leaf artwork, which has been adored by many art lovers. It’s a very unique style and it’s a skill which requires a lot determination and patience, but the end result can be very impressive. I have received a lot of praise for this unique style, and it has generated a lot of interest internationally as well as in the UK. The metal leaf work can add luxury to any living space and it’s guaranteed to provide the WOW factor to all onlookers. Most of my artwork is also textured as this instantly distinguishes my work from reproductions or prints. When someone looks at textured artwork they instantly know it’s an original piece of art. Textured art can be very mesmeric, and you could look at it for hours, trying to figure out all those wonderful images/shapes your imagination can create. With its three dimensional feel there is always that temptation for people to reach out and touch the artwork, and this is a very strong connection or bond the painting creates with humans. It is this interaction that makes the artwork more interesting and full of life. I also create a lot of work with metallic acrylic paints. These colours are so vibrant and dynamic, that they can instantly capture someone’s attention. In a well lit area the colours shine beautifully, and at different light angles they change to different shades to create some wonderful visual effects. I always try to experiment with new ideas, as my aim is always to try and please people who prefer art that is unique and different. I use a lot of the modern materials available to artists, and I am never afraid to try something out of the ordinary. This always keeps the level of interest high, and maintains the uniqueness I am renowned for.


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