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United Kingdom

May 2019

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Ewelina Maszkowska (Vine)

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I am a self -taught artist who has always painted and used art to express myself. All my paintings are inspired by my observation of the natural world. I take my inspiration from the surrounding woodlands, fields, flowers and seasides. Living near the sea, I paint atmospheric skies and bright floral scenes. I work mostly in acrylic/oils but I also incorporate inks and textural pastes into mixed media. I am particularly keen on creating abstract paintings especially flowers. I love painting flowers and I seem to paint between an abstract and impressionistic style. I am drawn to colour... I may be in a pink day or a yellow and blue day... The colour dictates to me what I am about to paint. I believe that creativity is a way to separate from routine life and immerse yourself in your own unique world, where nothing limits you. I`ve sold over 3000 paintings; online, art exhibitions and art galleries. My works can be found in numerous private collections in the UK and abroad. Thanks for browsing and supporting original art!



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