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United Kingdom

May 2014

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Evelyne Herbin

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I am a French artist living in West Sussex. I have started drawing on my artistic ability when i suddenly realised that i was dreaming of expressing myself but never leap into the canvas to do it. I get a kick from exploring and observing the natural world around me. I want people to experience space and beauty in their lives too. In this busy world it is very easy to feel disconnected. So it is my job to make you look at the world around us in a new artistic perspective. I am trying to convey in my art key messages so that we can understand the world better. i want people to feel happy and uplifted with my creation. I accept commissions and can sourced other art works to your requirement. Don't hesitate to discuss your needs with me. I am happy to help. Let me let me know what you like too. Much appreciated. Thanks once again


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